For generations now, our family has been producing high quality edible oils, with a focus on value for and commitment to our customers.

The Health 1st story begins over 15 years ago, when our founder Vijay Seth narrowed this focus to not only producing edible oils of the highest quality, but cold pressed oils that prioritized personal health and environmental sustainability.

With extensive research, we developed a proprietary process to ensure that the full essence and character of the oil is preserved. With an initial focus on harnessing the superfood qualities of flaxseeds, particularly its richness of the essential omega-3, the journey of Health 1st began.

Since the establishment of our manufacturing facility in Jaipur, we have steadily expanded from producing flaxseed products and now offer a range of the highest quality cold pressed oils, seeds and whole grains. Utilizing technology and processes developed by the late Vijay Seth, our family continues to produce 100% natural health-focused products.

We truly believe in our motto – health first, happiness forever. And we will continue to endeavour to bring to you honest products with their natural goodness, always.

CEO, Prano Flax (India) Pvt. Ltd.